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Source: Webmaster    Views:    Release date:2019-11-16

  In every concrete mixer, the blade is an important part of the mixing system. The good performance of the page directly determines the good performance of the mixing system. Therefore, for the concrete mixer operators, understanding the blade speed of the mixing system will be able to ensure the good use of the concrete mixer.

  In a concrete mixer, the mixer can be used to characterize the rheological behavior of concrete if the blades rotate at different speeds and the power consumption is measured at each speed. However, the obtained data will not allow the calculation of rheological parameters of the basic unit of concrete.

  Since the fluidity of concrete in the mixer of a concrete mixer is not linear, no equation can be used in such a case where the measured energy consumption at a speed can be used to compare the compactness of concrete prepared with the same mixer, or to monitor the compactness of concrete when it is mixed.

  For a given mixture of compositions, if the power consumption increases, it is an indication that the workability of concrete decreases. Thus, the operator of the agitator can determine the necessity of adding more water to obtain the required processability. This method will avoid discharge mixers, measurement maneuverability, use slump cylinders to determine the amount of water, or to determine the amount of HRWRA required to obtain the required processability necessity, therefore, mixing energy is a very useful tool to determine the workability variation of the concrete produced.