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Source: Webmaster    Views:    Release date:2019-11-16

  At present, the mixer is widely used in all walks of life, but in the use of the mixer, some operators are still a little knowledge, because mistakes cause the damage of equipment operation, even want to know the correct use of mixers and mixer mixing arm, not only can finish the "work", also can extend its service life. So how to use it is correct, the following follow the construction of feng machinery xiaowei, together to see the experts on it!

  1, the mixer should be set in a flat position, with square wood pad up the front and rear axle, so that the tire on high overhead, so as not to move when the start.

  2, the blender should be implemented two leakage protection, before work after the power supply connected, must carefully check, after the empty car test to consider qualified, can be used. During the test run, the rotating speed of the mixing cylinder should be checked whether it is appropriate. Generally, the speed of the empty car is 2~3 revolutions faster than that of the car (after loading). If there is a large difference, the ratio between the wheel and the transmission wheel should be adjusted.

  3. The rotation direction of the mixing drum should conform to the direction indicated by the arrow. If not, the motor wiring should be corrected.

  4. Check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the wire rope is damaged, whether the track pulley is good, there is no obstacle around and lubrication of each part, etc.

  5, after starting up, often pay attention to the blender parts of the operation is normal. When the machine is stopped, always check whether the blade of the mixer is bent, and whether the screw is knocked down or loose.

  6, when the concrete mixing is completed or is expected to stop for more than 1h, in addition to the remaining material out of the net, the application of stones and water into the shaking cylinder, starting up the rotation, the mortar stuck to the material cylinder washed clean after all out. There should be no water in the cylinder to avoid rust of the cylinder and blade. At the same time it should be clear that the mixing cylinder outside the dust, so that the machinery to keep clean and intact.

  7. After work and when the machine is shut down, the power should be switched off and the switch box should be locked to ensure safety.

  For the above content we can not pay attention to, we must treat the work with a rigorous style, to the maximum extent of the effectiveness of the equipment, must not because of their knowledge of the method of random operation, and lead to the damage of the equipment.