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Source: Webmaster    Views:    Release date:2019-11-16

  In large engineering of commercial concrete station we will find will keep continuous working, but some users will find when commodity concrete mixing station use three or four years after work 24 hours a day have a small parts will occasionally appear different degree of damage, when faced with this situation commercial concrete mixing station management personnel should be how to deal with?

  Commercial concrete mixing station parts after damage treatment of the three main points:

  1, commercial concrete mixing station parts of the friction damage: in order to reduce abrasive wear, as far as possible in the agricultural machinery work parts use wear-resistant materials, design stable soil mixing station work parts shape, also try to reduce its friction resistance. For example, soil processing components are made with high manganese content and rare earth alloys, and plows are coated with wear-resistant materials such as polyvinyl fluoride. The concrete mixing station USES a roller plough to change the sliding friction with the soil into rolling friction, which relatively reduces the abrasive wear.

  2, commercial concrete mixing station parts of fatigue damage: manifestation: fracture, surface peeling: treatment: in the manufacturing process to improve the surface of the parts of the smoothness, the use of relatively gentle section filtration, in order to reduce the stress concentration of the parts. In addition, the use of carburizing, quenching and other methods to improve the hardness, toughness and wear resistance of parts, can also receive good results.

  3, commercial concrete mixing station parts of corrosion damage: in order to prevent the corrosion of parts, often used corrosion resistant materials such as nickel, chromium, zinc, plating on the surface of metal parts, or in the surface of metal parts coated with oil, on the surface of non-metallic parts coated with anti-corrosion paint and other methods, to prevent parts and harmful media direct contact. With the method of improving the surface finish of the parts, the potential difference of the parts surface can also be reduced.